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Amplificator - Anthem Statement P2
Amplificator - Anthem Statement P2
Amplificator - Anthem Statement P2

Amplificator - Anthem Statement P2

Brand: Anthem - toate produsele acestui brand

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Garanție: 24 luni.
Descriere Amplificator - Anthem Statement P2


* Produs Demo! Utilizat in Showroom, impecabil vizual si functional. Garantie 24 luni!

Anthem Statement P2 - Reference-Quality Designed and Built in North America.

SoundStage: "The Anthem P2 is an extremely high-powered, well-built amplifier that doesn’t inflict its own personality on the sound. You should hear what all that beautiful power can do with your speakers." "The Anthem Statement P2 amplifier …looks set to redefine the concept of value in the audiophile world.”

The heart of an amplifier rests with its design and it is here that P2 and P5 amplifiers reveal their high-end lineage: multi-layered, hand-designed circuit boards with thick copper traces; rugged, independent power supplies with tuned toroidal power transformers for each amplifier channel; fourteen rugged bipolar output devices per channel; custom-designed convection-cooled heatsinks with serrated fins; a “no-fuse” design strategy. And the list goes on.

Edge-Of-The-Art Multi-Mono Design: By design, P2 and P5 amplifiers are powerful independent “monoblock” amplifiers. Each channel is self-contained on its own glass-epoxy circuit board and heatsink and benefits from an independent power supply. Since there is no common audio path between channels there is a complete absence of crosstalk. Frequency-response channel matching is superb. The musical picture is seamless and exquisitely detailed with a multichannel soundstage that is astonishingly transparent, cohesive and three dimensional.

Fourteen Bipolar output Devices Per Channel: An amplifier’s ultimate performance is directly related to the number of high-quality, high-current devices used in the output stage. The greater the number of devices employed per channel, the greater the available power to deliver the crescendos in music and the thunder and explosions in movies. And the greater the amount of current that can be held in reserve. While some manufacturers cut corners to save costs in this area, our designers incorporated fourteen bipolar output devices per channel. This results in tremendous current held in reserve.

Hand-Designed Circuit Boards: Our two-layer military-spec (FR-4-rated) glass-epoxy circuit boards feature plated through-holes and 2-ounce copper traces, promoting excellent conductivity. Extensive use of power and ground planes ensures exceptionally low noise and increased protection from stray electromagnetic energy— internally as well as externally from other devices.

"No Fuse" Design: P2 and P5 amplifiers are Direct-Connected to the power supply capacitor bank. This keeps output impedance remarkably low while making more power available to the amplifier. Even when driving lower- or complex impedance loads, the result is audibly superior performance. If an output short circuit does occur, only the AC line breaker will trip—there are no fuses to replace.


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