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Boxe Davis Acoustics - Balthus 50
Boxe Davis Acoustics - Balthus 50
Boxe Davis Acoustics - Balthus 50
Boxe Davis Acoustics - Balthus 50
Boxe Davis Acoustics - Balthus 50

Boxe, Incinte Acustice Davis Acoustics - Balthus 50

Brand: Davis Acoustics - toate produsele acestui brand

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Pret:     3.750 Lei

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Descriere Boxe, Incinte Acustice Davis Acoustics - Balthus 50


Oferta Speciala la sistem audio stereo, 4.800 Lei, pt Boxele Balthus 50 cu Amplificator NAD D3020

The Balthus 50 is the smallest tower in the Balthus range. It is nevertheless equipped with the same medium and acute speakers as its big sisters. Discreet by its size, it will convince you by the veracity of its message and by the nervousness of its grave register. The mid-range loudspeaker operates over a wide range of frequencies, giving the listener a clarity and precision that is found among our competitors on far more ambitious (and therefore more expensive) speakers. This transducer, which has undergone many changes since its inception, has made our company a reputation for over 30 years. The balance of the different registers is perfect. Recommended for rooms up to 20 m2, it is advisable to space them 2.5 m apart, for about 3 m recoil. The speaker will be pinched to the ear: begin by positioning the speakers parallel to each other, then orient them slightly towards the listening area, until you find the right sweet point (where all the registers seem coherent and where you must feel a 3-dimensional image). If possible, carry out the final adjustment of your speakers once the burnin in has been finalized (about 30 hours of listening at good sound level).

Design. For this range, DAVIS has chosen to create some simple and pur shapes, in order to facilitate the integration of the speakers inside all kind of interiors. Those speakers are available in black ash or American walnut. In both case, the front of the speakers are painted in black High gloss. The cosmetics, such as spikes, logos or identification plate have been produced in silver colour.

Versatility. The range of speakers have been designed for both HIFI and Home Theater systems. Choice of different floor standing speakers according to the volume of the listening device. Decoupling tips included. Simple terminal : for an easy connection. Fine and elegant protective grilles. Protection in foam under the enclosure to be able to place the speaker on tiling. Port on the front of the enclosure to decrease the incidence of the distance between the columns and the back wall.

Performance. To reach a perfect homogeneity, all the speakers of the range are using exactly the same tweeter and the same “magic” midrange (5″ cone in kevlar). For the bass, DAVIS has used paper cones, which permit to reach a good sensitivity, and that makes the speakers really easy to drive, with all kinds of electronics.