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Boxe PSB - Imagine T2
Boxe PSB - Imagine T2
Boxe PSB - Imagine T2
Boxe PSB - Imagine T2
Boxe PSB - Imagine T2
Boxe PSB - Imagine T2

Boxe PSB - Imagine T2

Brand: PSB - toate produsele acestui brand

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Descriere Boxe PSB - Imagine T2


With exceptional tonal accuracy and an elegant design, we have proved that even “class leaders” like the Imagine T Speaker can have a bigger and better brother. Introducing PSB Speakers Imagine T2 Tower speaker, a high performance, transitional 5-way tower speaker equipped with Triple Port Bass Reflex and subdivided discrete chambers. This tower speakers design offers a sound experience that rivals loudspeakers costing two to three times more. Adding a third 5 ¼” polypropylene woofer and a dedicated 4” polypropylene midrange driver is literally music to your ears. Listen to smooth and detailed soundscapes as they slowly dance out of beautifully curved, hand-crafted cabinets to fill your listening room.

- Triple port, bass reflex enclosure producing deep bass to 34Hz
- Unique five-way “transitional” design for seamless frequency response and controlled directivity to eliminate unwanted reflections
- Custom designed woofers and midrange with clay/ceramic filled polypropylene cone and rubber surround
- Individual driver chambers
- Titanium dome 1” Ferrofluid tweeter
- Finished in select wood veneers (Dark Cherry, Walnut, Black Ash), or White or Black High Gloss
- Dual, 5-way Gold-plated binding posts for bi-wiring or bi-amping
- Elegant industrial design from world-renowned designer David Farrage

The cabinet is teardrop-shaped in cross section, which is more visually pleasing than a plain rectangular box, and has the acoustical advantage of having no parallel internal walls. The cabinet panels are formed of seven layers of MDF, pressed into shape, while the front baffle is made of 2" thick MDF. Considerable effort is made to match the grain of the wood veneers, to create a "cathedral" appearance.

The Absolute Sound:  The T2 is a five-driver speaker, each speaker having three small (51/2") woofers, with individual internal enclosures and ports (on the back), a 41/2" midrange driver at the top of the speaker cabinet, and a 1" titanium-dome tweeter just below. The multiple bass drivers are used to generate more bass in a narrow-front/ small-volume cabinet and also to reduce problems of interaction with the floor (like other PSB tower speakers). The crossover is what PSB calls “transitional,” which means that the bass drivers have different response contours, with the top woofer crossing over to the tweeter at 500Hz in the usual sense, while the other two bass drivers have roll-offs at two other frequencies (80Hz, 200Hz). This transitional design gives more control over radiation pattern and floor interaction, and it works very well. The usual dip somewhere between 100Hz and 300Hz is largely missing here and the speaker has surprisingly smooth in-room response in the lower mids and upper bass, where floor and room problems can be severe. The measured overall response is very flat except for a dip in the high treble followed by a peak in the really high treble. Paul Barton has done a good job handling the baffle-step issue of narrow-front speakers, as well as controlling the radiation pattern.

The most immediately surprising feature of the T2s is the power and extension of the bass. One really does not expect such a small, discrete speaker to get the full bass impact of the orchestra. But the T2 does the job. In my rooms, it rolls off fairly fast below around 35Hz, but it is solid down to 40Hz, which is pretty much the bottom of the orchestra in practice though not in principle. The T2 looks small but it sounds full and unconstrained in the bottom end on orchestral music and, for that matter, rock (the bottom of the Fender bass is around 40Hz, too). The bass power is obtained by reflex-loading, and the bass is thus not in principle as “tight” as is possible, but this seemed to me a non-issue in practice, definition was good in musical terms and pitch of bass lines was very well defined. Bass lines could be followed with complete ease, even in complex music. Summary: small speaker, big sound.

The T2 will also play loudly for a small speaker. With a hefty amplifier the T2s will offer satisfying levels on loud music with headroom to spare in rooms of ordinary domestic size. Any speaker can be troubled by trying to fill a sufficiently enormous room, but the dynamic capacity of the T2s belies its small size.

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