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Boxe AQ - Tango 85
Boxe AQ - Tango 85
Boxe AQ - Tango 85

Boxe, Incinte Acustice AQ - Tango 85

Brand: AQ - toate produsele acestui brand

Cod produs: 100087
Pret: 1.590 Lei     1.190 Lei

Stoc: disponibil

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Garanție: 24 luni.
Descriere Boxe, Incinte Acustice AQ - Tango 85


* Pret special lansare produs: 1.190 Lei / per, TVA inclus. Porodus demo / open box, garantie 24 luni!

Incinte acustice fabricate in Cehia, pe 3 cai, cu:
- difuzor bas de 200mm
- tweeter cu membrana din matase de 20mm
- difuzor dedicat pentru medii
- incinte rigide din MDF cu ranforsari interne si bas reflex frontal
- filtre dedicate

Unique three-way compact loudspeaker system . Due to its size, it is easy to integrate into furniture, wall mount bracket or stand on the stand. Bass reflex is placed on the front and thus no problem to place the speaker close to a wall.

In the housing of the MDF panel is fitted with a robust 200mm woofer with resistant polypropylene cone in a steel basket. The woofer is specially manufactured for this application with a powerful magnetic circuit, because it works as a very powerful engine that is able to grant the system with a solid bass sound. Mid speaker membrane has impregnated paper, which guarantees the precise reproduction of the human voices. The tweeter is a 20mm soft dome with ferrofluid cooling coil. Optimal allocation of frequencies among individual speakers is by electronic crossover of 2nd order.

On the surface of the speaker enclosure is a plastic film with perfect wood imitation. This design is stable with time, very durable and high utility value allows us to maintain a competitive price. Speakers Tango 85 are made in a design with foil black ash, beech and matt white.

Speaker AQ Tango 85 can handle any genre of music. It can also be used as the basis of home theater, where in addition of cross Tango 81, Tango 82 and a subwoofer Tango gives to listeners action movies carefully pinned to the listening seat.

The results of more than 20 years of AQ experience are contemporary loudspeakers of the highest aesthetics, technical prowess, and most importantly, sound quality. Professional audio press highly praised Labrador 26 MKIII, Labrador 29 MKIII and active loudspeakers M23. AQ Passion won many accolades from audiophile press and received prestigious design award from the world’s design center – Italy. AQ’s innovative products found their way into new markets including the USA, and OEM capabilities provide production for world-renowned electronic manufactures. AQ loudspeakers were always associated with the phrases “Sound that inspires“ and “Sound for soul”. A welcomed addition of contemporary design delivers loudspeakers that are truly wholesome, inspiring and complimentary to modern homes and are the foundation for outstanding listening environment.