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Boxe PSB - Imagine B
Boxe PSB - Imagine B
Boxe PSB - Imagine B
Boxe PSB - Imagine B
Boxe PSB - Imagine B

Boxe PSB - Imagine B

Brand: PSB - toate produsele acestui brand

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Descriere Boxe PSB - Imagine B


The Imagine B Bookshelf Speakers is the little brother to the Imagine T Tower Speaker, although not so little when it comes to the detail these speakers can bring out of your favourite music. Not only is this speaker an amazing performer, it has the looks to back it up. Every vertical face of the Imagine B is elegantly curved to make this speaker - and by extension the whole Imagine lineup - some of the best looking speakers you will ever see.

Enjoy The Music: The first thing you'll notice about the Imagine speaker is the cabinet. Made in China where well-finished cabinets have become the norm rather than an exception, the Imagine Bs take advantage of the latest state-of-the-art computer-controlled machining and design. Beneath the curved top, sides, back, base, and front baffle, the Imagine B employs a seven-layer laminated construction technique for maximum rigidity and minimum diffraction. The manufacturing process involves assembling the whole cabinet before any holes for the drivers are drilled. Unlike many moderately priced speakers the Imagine B actually looks better without its grill on.

Paul Barton, PSB's chief designer, created a unique midrange/woofer for the Imagine B. It uses a proprietary ceramic-filled polypropylene cone material, an aerodynamically molded basket, and a special distortion-reducing magnet design. The Imagine B's titanium dome tweeter employs Ferro-fluid cooling and sports a special protective dispersion cap and rubberized surround to further reduce diffraction effects. On the back of the speaker you'll find a quartet of heavy-duty gold-plated terminals so you can bi-wire or bi-amp the speakers. PSB also supplies a special bridging hardware for those who prefer to use only a single pair of speaker cables.

The PSB Imagine B uses a bass-reflex design with a fairly large 2.50-inch diameter rear port. The crossover between the tweeter and midrange /woofer is at 1800 Hz. Barton chose this point because it delivered the most similar dispersion between the two drivers. Published specifications indicate the Imagine B's bass response is flat to 52 Hz and its treble extends up to 23 kHz. That's pretty impressive for a speaker whose outer dimensions are rather small.

The Imagine B speakers have an even linear harmonic balance once you get into the midrange and treble. I especially enjoyed their upper midrange which has just the right blend of immediacy and finesse. The well-designed crossover delivers a smooth transition between midrange/woofer and tweeter, which preserves sonic cohesion in the critical the lower treble region. The titanium dome tweeters sound sweet and extended, exhibiting none of the peakiness of earlier generations of titanium tweeters.

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